Our 5 star Shamwari Experience Part 4 - saying goodbye

The weather could not make up its mind if it wanted to rain or be sunny but by 16h00 it definitely looked like the rain was winning. We decided we needed to see Cheetah, hippos and white rhinos at coffee, so this was our order (although we all new that you can’t just order animals). We drove around for quite a while, going in a very different area to what we had been in before, much hillier. We were near the one boundary of the property where we found a mother and two cheetah cubs lying in the grass. They were all having their afternoon rest and were not at all interested in us. We then drove towards the river and found a family of hippos in the river.

The wind was decidedly cold as we made our way back up to the plain where a lot of different types of buck were grazing. We saw a jackal – at first we thought he had a snake but after much looking found out he had a bone in his mouth. We were lucky to see him as he is quite small and difficult to spot. We then saw 2 white Rhino grazing on the plain so realized that we had now seen all the animals we had asked to see. The afternoon was getting very miserable with a drizzle starting. We were given waterproof ponchos – definitely a good thing to have as they also stop the wind.

We drove a bit further and found a family of lions, a mother and her 4 cubs (although they were about a year old), lying cuddled up like big cats in the grass.

We decided not long after this that the weather had got really bad and we headed back to Long Lee for drinks and dinner.

The bar area is really lovely and what a great place to go to when you are cold and rather wet. Port and a log fire is definitely a way to warm you up.

The great thing about the lounge is that you mix with all the other guests and share your experiences of what you have seen that day, talk about the country, where they have come from and just relax.

Dinner that night was served in the dining room – starting with soup or starter, a choice of main courses which included fish, impala and a vegetable curry plus desert and cheese and biscuits plus of course wine to go with the meal.

We woke up to a very cold windy morning at 5.30 a.m. and were all ready to go and look for animals. The weather was not good as the animals try to find shelter from the cold in the bushes. We were given our ponchos before we left, thank goodness as the wind was really strong and cold.

We saw lots of buck – kudu and gemsbok plus a Rhino and her baby, but the animals were definitely hiding away from this weather, especially as it started to rain.

Back to the lodge for breakfast and then good bye to Shamwari!

Check out is very easy – while you are having your breakfast your bags are taken from your rooms and loaded into your car. When you go to check out they have water and biscuits for you to eat and drink on your journey.

We were very sad to leave Shamwari but all agreed that it felt like we had been away for longer than 2 days and it was a wonderful experience.
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