Don’t ban the Vuvuzela – it’s unique!

So it would seem that the vuvezela is cooking up a storm at the World Cup with the South Africa's organising chief Danny Jordaan saying that they may ban them. Apparently some of the broadcasters and others have complained about the noise generated by the thousands of vuvuzelas being blown at the World Cup games. 
The French captain Patrice Evra has even blamed the noise created by the vuvuzela's as the reason for their poor performance in their first game against Uruguay.
To be honest the vuvuzela is not new to South African football it’s just that the rest of the world has not really come across them yet. It’s true that we are not really hearing the chanting of supporters as much as we would normally hear but we must remember this is South Africa's World Cup and it's certainly creating a unique atmosphere even if it is not to everyone’s taste.
I think as we go through the matches the vuvzela blowing and chanting will find a balance and we will end up with a great atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. To ban the vuvuzela would be a big mistake.
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