Here Comes the (Princess) Bride

Everyone loves a wedding - especially a royal wedding. While the nuptials of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock may not have been the marriage of the century, decade or even year (shout out to Will and Kate) it was definitely a big one for Monegasques. An exhibit called "L'Histoire du Mariage Princier" is currently on display at the Oceanographic Museum and advertised on buses and buildings throughout Monaco.
The other day, as we walked, Merlin casually began to whistle "Here Comes the Bride." "It's a catchy tune!" he explained. I blame the royal wedding. Though it happened two months ago, signs of the event are still ever present. Commemorative stamps, banners, signs offering congratulations are posted in storefront windows. For the record: if I were ever caught whistling "Here Comes the Bride," I would never ever live it down.
Art galleries take a little more liberty with their window tributes. Some opt for more artistic portraits of the couple, as opposed to the same old official shot. Others really get creative. The new princess is a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa, hence, her above depiction as a mermaid with the South African flag painted tail.
Prince Albert II, himself also an Olympian, is very passionate about environmental causes. So, naturally, the royal wedding car was a hybrid Lexus (a LS600hL Laundolat, to be precise) specially designed for the occasion. It not only has this nifty polycarbonate roof which allows you to see the pretty, pretty princess without any wind screwing up her hair, but it was also able to complete the entire tour using only electric power. It helps that the tour wasn't too great a distance.
Of course, what everyone really wants to see is the dress. Here's the Armani creation beside Albert's carabinieri uniform. It was really cool to walk up the staircase at the museum and see these in the center of a room decorated with oceanic curios. I'd say it went with the theme of "wedding within the context of Monaco and the globe." It was regal and quirky at the same time, just like the microstate itself.
Also on display were the invitations, Alain Ducasse created menus (using only sustainable fish, of course), the ringbearer's pillow and the wedding favors. For said favors, it appears that Albert and Charlene went for traditional with a royal twist: Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle... in a monogrammed porcelain box on a bed of pearls.
The main thing, here, is that Monaco now has a princess - and everyone loves a princess. "Princess Charlene" may not have as nice of a ring to it as "Princess Grace," but I'm sure she'll do fine all the same. As long as she produces an heir.
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