CRF: San Marino

"CRF" is not a crime show you've never heard of, it stands for "Cutting Room Floor." Below are some of our favorite pics that never made the blog. We figured we'd reminisce a little while we vacation "off map." (Back on the trail April 14th).
A little over a year ago we were in San Marino. Every microstate is strange, but this little country is one of the strangest.
We explored San Marino with a kind of frantic, springtime jubilation. The weather had finally warmed up after our long, soviet winter. There were flowers and plenty of sunshine. We hiked to every corner.
We had a goal of having an Aperol spritz in each of the country’s nine municipalities – we can’t remember if we actually accomplished the feat or not, but we came really close. This was what remained after a group of young kids shared a bucket of “sprizz” (as they call it). We look back pretty fondly on the “apperativos” they serve with drinks.
Tiled roofs in the capital, which has some of the best views in the country and some very cool towers.
We camped for more than half our time in San Marino, at the country’s only official campground. The on site restaurant was called “Garden,” and we ate there more times than we should have. The pizza was so good we couldn’t help ourselves.
A police car hood – we thought about doing a post about all the different military and police divisions, but never ended up doing it. Somewhat comically, tiny San Marino has two different types of police and six different divisions in its military - including the fearsome Crossbow Corps. (We're not making that up).
One of the few gas stations.

A burnt tree near where we illegally camped one night.

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