Whale Watching in South Africa

South Africa has some of the best Whale Watching opportunities in the World. The Whale season lasts from July through to December each year but the best months are September and October when you are almost guaranteed to see these magnificent creatures lobtailing and breaching. There are a number of excellent vantagepoints along the coastline from Cape Town up to Mossel Bay and beyond where you can admire the whales without you even having to take to the seas. Further up the coast in KwaZulu-Natal you can take boat trips from places such as St.Lucia which go out to sea to catch sight of the whales. Along these waters you are morelikely to spot Humpback and Mincke and the occasional Southern Right Whale.

Cape Town - Some of the best whale watching spots can be found between Muizenberg and Cape Point. Although we can't guarantee you will see whales we do recommend checking out the Southern Right Whales between the middle of August and middle of October. This period is typically the calving season where whales congregate in False Bay to calve. Other whales that you might see are the Humpback and Bryde's whales. False bay is reached via the M3 from Cape Town.

Hermanus - probably the most famous whale watching destination in South Africa with excellent land-based whale watching spots. Check out the Cliff Path that starts at the new harbour in Westcliff and stretches 15km along the shoreline past Walker Bay and on to Grotto Beach. Hermanus even has its own Whale Crier who's job it is to alert visitors to where the whales are by blowing his kelp horn. Hermanus also has a very popular Whale Festival in September each year with lots of food, entertainment as well as the whale watching. Whale watching by boat is strictly controlled with only two licensed boat operators in Hermanus that charge approximately R500 for A 2 hour boat trip.

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