Gauteng - Diversity, Gold, World Cup Stadiums, Great Accommodation


With a population of over 9 million people and a history of discovering gold; Gauteng offers a vibrant mix of diversity and is one of the wealthiest provinces in Africa. Rapid development has swept the province in the last 03 years with new chrome structures rising overnight. The two major cities are Johannesburg and the city of Pretoria.

Johannesburg - This is the third largest city in Africa, after Cairo and Alexandria, and the world's youngest city to pass the million mark. For many visitors to South Africa, Johannesburg is their first port of call, and many of them stay no more than a day or two before moving onto another city /game reserve or other South African attractions. Although to many, Johannesburg is not considered a beautiful town, it is the South African city with the most stimulating atmosphere. Johannesburg is considered to be the heart beat of South Africa and a gradual process of getting together between whites and blacks has begun. Against this background, it is well worth spending several days in South Africa's largest city but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that the city has a high crime rate. However, if you heed common sense, as you would do in most major cities around the world, then you can still enjoy this city.
Pretoria - The best way to visit the many historic and interesting sights which are located outside the city is by rental car. The heart of Pretoria is geared up for the corporate and governmental business side of things. Hiring a car is also beneficial in terms of venturing into the suburbs where you will find excellent places to stay and a good choice of restaurants with some lively student nightlife. Hatfield and Brooklyn are suburbs worth visiting. If you visit the Church Square in Pretoria you will find some of the oldest buildings. This spot is a haven for locals to meet despite the rather unattractive statue of Afrikaner political hero Paul Kruger which stands in the middle.

Not to miss – Soweto - Of course, the most popular attraction in Soweto is the house where Nelson and Winnie Mandela lived before Nelson was imprisoned in 1962. This three bedroomed house was bombed several times by security forces and rebuilt. Today it is a small museum. On the very same road, is former home of Archbishop Desmond Tutu who also won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Although it is not safe to visit Soweto on your own, there are some well run tours by reputable operators. We recommend you pick a tour that includes a walk where you can have the chance to talk to the local Sowetans. Although there are not your usual tourist sites to see here, it is an experience to take in the atmosphere of this unique place.

Accommodation recommendations:

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Centurion (located between Pretoria and Midrand (Johannesburg) Apartment rentals – Blue chip accommodation to corporate and business executive travellers

Johannesburg - Distinctive and contemporized Guest House
Johannesburg - Boutique-style manor

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