The Great Annual Sardine Run

There are some truly spectacular natural events that occur around the world every year and none more so than the awesome Sardine Run which takes place off the East Coast of South Africa. Every year between the months of May and July the Sardine Run takes place off the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape coast.
The sardines start their epic journey off the Cape Point of South Africa and journey north to escape the cold waters. Millions of sardines congregate and travel up the Eastern Cape up to the north coast of the KwaZulu-Natal coast. The huge numbers of sardines create a mass so big that it is visible from satellites orbiting the earth. The vast shoal reaches lengths of 15km, a width of 3km and a depth of 40 metres.

This spectacular event attracts a wide array of predators that come to feed creating amazing feeding frenzies which are spectacular to watch. Some of the predators that come to feed include dolphins, sharks, whale, birds and game fish. This natural event ranks alongside the huge migration of wildebeest across the African savannah.

This unexplained phenomenon is not to be missed whether viewing from a boat or, if you are an experienced diver, from beneath the sea. The Annual Sardine Run passes along some of the best coastlines in South Africa, passed the Garden Route, the Sunshine Coast, and the KZN South Coast and up to what was once known as the Transkei.

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