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"CRF" is not a crime show you've never heard of, it stands for "Cutting Room Floor." Below are some of our favorite pics that never made the blog. We figured we'd reminisce a little while we vacation "off map." (Back on the trail April 14th).
Switzerland is a magical place. It’s one of the few places where everything you’ve heard about ends up being true – the mountains soar, the lakes glisten, the pastures are verdant, the towns cheerful, the cows peaceful and the people straightforward. We spent our time hiking a lot and falling in love with every nook and cranny. Switzerland is definitely one of the most picturesque places on earth.
This picture was taken on one of the ferries of lake Luzern, on the Ursee. We spent quite a few days close by the water here, camping at a beautiful ground in Brunnen. Our tent was just a few feet from the shore.
This is the first place we stayed, near Gruyere. It was a pretty old farm with about thirty Swiss browns and nice views. For breakfast we were served thick cuts of cheese and glass jars of sweet, clotted cream along with honey and plum jam.
This picture was taken at another campground, which Rebecca wrote about lovingly.
An old couple in the city of Luzerne. This was when we were walking back from the verkershaus museum, a few minutes before a torrential rain began.
This was on our hike up into the land of berggasthauses. A family was sitting at an outdoor table at the little farm. They had a sign advertising fresh goat cheese and they waved for us to join them. We regret not stopping, but we were in a hurry.
Thinking of Switzerland is to conjure images of the Alps, but the country is just as much about water as it is rock.
This was at a market in Bern, the capital (did you know that?) that we fell in love with.
On an amazing hike, looking down at the majesty of lake Luzern.
On this hike we were headed towards a castle that turned out to be just a stone house. This is the amazing part about Switzerland – the hills are teeming with hikers, cows and farmers.
The national sport may very well be paragliding.
We stayed at a berggasthaus on the shore of this little pond, which had the clearest water we’ve ever seen.

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