Top 03 Driving Tips for South Africa

1. Always fill up your car with petrol before embarking on a long journey. Distances between Petrol Stations can vary quite a lot and with such big distances between towns and cities it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Try to plan your journey for day time driving. Driving at night can be hazardous especially out of the towns and cities. It is not uncommon to come across cows, monkeys and goats wandering across the road and at night there are many stories of cars hitting these animals. Also roads outside of town are not well lit if at all.

3. When stopping at a petrol station take advantage of the attendants and ensure they clean your windscreens - for the sake of a R2 tip it is well worth it.

4. Try to tune into a local radio station when travelling - they are normally very good at warning you of roadworks and those aptly named "smile zones" - to you and me these are speed traps !

5. For those long journeys make sure you take some food and drink with you in the car. Great for keeping the kids quiet when they start getting bored.

6. Keep a camera handy with you in the car - you just never know when you are going to come across wonderful scenery, animals or interesting sights.

7. Make sure you have your driving licence with you always. If you are stopped by the police they will want to see this. It is also always worth keeping some cash handy for those annoying on the spot fines.

8. Be aware that some of the roads in South Africa are not up to the standard of those you may normally be used to. If you are driving off the main roads or around areas like the Wild Coast you will really need a 4X4. You wouldnt want to miss out on some of the more off the beaten track sights beacuse your car isnt up to it.

9. Make sure your mobile phone is charged and you notify people of where you are going and what time you should be reaching your destination. That way if you are late you are contactable or can contact someone if you break down.

03.When parking your car anywhere do not leave valuables on show. Like anywhere in the world there are petty crime theives that are only too willing to snatch them.
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