Beyond the Obvious South Africa

This 2 day walk through the wonderful Garden Route which covers approximately 35 km, starting in Mossel Bay and ending at Fransmanshoek.

Day 1
From Mossel Bay; head west across the rocks and along the coastal path over the great cliffs overlooking the beaches and deserted sand dunes. This 'off the beaten track' route affords you amazing views, taking you along paths where you will come across the famous fynbos that attracts so many botanists to the area. Did you know that on Table Mountain there are over 9,000 species of plant - more than you will find in the whole of the UK?
 This area is famous for the "Xhosa" (pronounced Corsa) people who have inhabited this area for many years. Many famous South African politicians are from the Xhosa tribe including Mandela, Mbeki and Tambo.  Xhosa people are famous for their language which consists of words mixed with "clicks" - if you get the chance to hear someone speak Xhosa it’s amazing!

Walking along this route you will eventually come to the Pinnacle Golf resort which demonstrates the delicate eco-balance that the Garden Route faces. The Garden Route has become extremely popular with the wealthy, the prosperous and of course tourists. Pinnacle Point will eventually have 850 houses next to a golf course which is situated on the cliff top. In contrast, immediately below the cliffs, archaeologists have discovered caves with evidence of life possibly tracing back to the origins of man. This amazing discovery may one day become a tourist attraction in itself.

From here, the cliffs begin to drop and you are at the end of your first day walking. If you take this walk at the right time of year (July to October) then you may be fortunate enough to spot Southern Right Whales just off the coast line. The whales frequent these waters to play, mate and calve and watching these mammals up so close is an amazing experience.

Day 2
Day 2 begins with a long walk along wide open sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean shore. With the enormous sand dunes behind you - some 030 metres high; it’s impossible to resist the urge to take your shoes off and wade into the Ocean. You will possibly spot the rare African Oyster Catcher along this route as well as people fishing for oysters in the rock pools close to the sea shore. This is a beautiful walk but if you venture up into the sand dunes keep a look out for leopard prints in the sand - yes that's right! leopards do visit down from the mountains but you are highly unlikely to see one.

You will eventually come to the village of Vleesbaai and from here you can take a path along the seashore towards the jagged rocks of Fransmanshoek and the end of your trail. From here you can look back and view almost the whole two day route you have just walked all the way from Mossel Bay.
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