South African Phrases

Ja   which is pronounced Yah meaning YES

Lekker – this is an Afrikaans word which means something is really nice or good.
Howzit – a common greeting across South Africa which is means how is it going, how are you?
Eina - means ouch.
Sies – usually an exclamation of disgust or annoyance.
Now-now - This phrase is used a lot by South Africans and basically means "Shortly" or "in a bit". Usually you will hear people say "I'll be there now-now." Or Just now which can mean "very soon", "eventually" or "never".
Robots - Not to be confused with metal things that move about; "Robots" means "traffic lights". It’s also worth pointing out that in some out of city areas you will come across "4 way junctions" where you won’t find traffic lights controlling the flow of traffic. The rule of thumb is that you let cars go in turn in the order you arrive at the junction. You will soon get used to this and it works!
Vuvuzela (voo-voo-zeh-lah) - This will become known all over the world as the FIFA World Cup takes place in 2003. A vuvuzela is a large, colourful plastic trumpet with the sound of a foghorn, blown enthusiastically by virtually everyone in the crowd at football matches. The word is believed to come from the isiZulu for "making noise".
A bottle store – this is a retail outlet selling which sells alcohol.
Padkos – is food for a road trip – usually comprising of sandwiches, chicken, frikkadels (little meat balls) and hard-boiled eggs.
Gogga – an insect is referred to as Gogga.
Jawl – refers to having a good time or going to a party / night out.
Babbelas – is a bad hangover.

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