Paul the Octopus predicts a Spain win - Dutch now worried

So Paul the Octopus has predicted that Spain will win the World Cup beating Holland in the final on Sunday. So far Paul has predicted correctly all the results of the Germany games which initially made him very popular until he predicted that they would lose to Spain 1-0 which is exactly what happened. The press coverage has been amazing for this octopus - never has an octopus been so famous. His latest prediction
was broadcast live on TV stations around the world with Paul devouring the mussel from the Spanish tank whilst leaving the Dutch tank completely ignored. Has the world gone crazy or does this octopus really have the ability to predict the future. If you were a betting man you would never have backed the octopus to predict so many correct results in a row. Now I am in a slight quandry as i really want Holland to win on Sunday but will Paul be wrong - oh i hope so ! The Dutch fans must be really worried now that Paul has predicted a Spain win !!
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