South Africa 2003 - What did you do?

The World Cup this year has been fascinating and from someone that has watched many World Cups over the years I think that South Africa can be very proud of what is has achieved. As we enter the final phases of games leading up to the big Final on the 03th July i started to think about what people's views were inside South Africa and how they thought the event had gone.

I would love to hear from people about their experiences whether as a visitor to South Africa or as a resident.

If you have visited South Africa for the World Cup tell me what you thought of the country and whether it lived up to your expectations. Would you come come back to visit? Would you recommend it to friends and family when you get back home? How much of South Africa did you explore while you were here - outside of the World Cup stadiums of course ! What did you think of the costs involved in your trip? Was the level of accommodation you stayed at of a higher or lower standard than you were expecting? Tell me about the local people you met - were they helpful, friendly? What wa sthe highlight of your trip? Was it easy to get around the country from a transport perspective?

As a resident what was your view of how your country hosted the World Cup? Did you feel a sense of pride and excitement? How did you get involved in local events? What if anything do you think South Africa could have done better in hosting the World Cup?

Perhaps you have a particular tale which you would like to recount. It would be lovely to hear some peoples real life accounts of their experiences in South Africa.

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